Web Developer

I'm a web developer based in Perth, Western Australia, building beautiful and functional web applications primarily using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and React.

I have a keen interest in the intersection of art and technology and combining creative and technical skills to build useful and engaging digital products.

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I hold a BA in Multimedia Design, a Master of Internet Communications, and a Diploma of IT in Web Development.


The CareSync web app displayed on a smartphone and tablet screen

CareSync (full-stack app)

JavaScript | MongoDB | Express | React | Node

A responsive web app for coordinating the work of personal care teams. Share shift notes, incident reports, and handover between shifts.

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Partial entity relationship diagram of the Ask Local web API

Ask Local (web API)

Python | Flask

An 'ask the locals' Q&A guide for places all over the world. This API is designed to provide a database of hyper-local place knowledge through user-generated content.

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The Guess app welcome text displayed in a terminal window

Guess (terminal app)

Python | Bash

A terminal-based guessing game written in Python. Receive clues and try to correctly guess a number, mythical creature, or famous monument in three attempts.

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